Unicorn’s land with Lime Crime

Clearly this month is under the sign of nostalgia and when I get nostalgic I like to return to my faves ! I don’t know you but I love to rediscover some fabulous products which were standing right under my eyes ! So today it’s about Lime Crime and my mini collection of Opaque Lipsticks. I was watching a Nicole’s Guerriero video and I saw her swatched her Opaque Lipstick and I was like “OMG they’re fabulous were are mine ?!”
To resume if you like hard pigmentation, great opacity, the smell of Mac’s lipsticks and the packagings too cuuuuuuuuuuuute – I mean look this lovely purple packaging – you will fall in love with this brand !


  • Β Opacity + pigmentation are great qualities for a lipstick but it can be a bit frightening when you want to put them. I’ll be honest with you it’s easy to mess with some colours.
  • Application : so yes being careful is important but lipsticks are so creamy and and slide uniformly.
  • Lasting : is great, very great ! Long lasting and the lipstick doesn’t mess on your lips hours after hours, love that !


Definitively HOT πŸ™‚ I’m so excited to have them back, I know this kind of lipsticks are not for everyone, if you take a look at the Lime Crime website, you’ll see a lot of colours and most of them are “unwearable”, they are more for artistic make-up ! So if you like nude/neutral colours just go away you wont find your happiness !
Let me present you my 4 babies :

  • Geradium which is not totally “Barbie pink” but not a baby pink let’s say it’s gonna be gorgeous on tanned girl πŸ™‚

Opaque Lipstick - Geradium

  • Centrifuschia : probably my favorite colour and as its name says it’s a fuschia.

Opaque Lipstick - Centrifuschia

  • Retrofuturist a great red

Lime Crime - Retrofuturist

  • Glamour 101 which is a dark red.

Lime Crime - Glamour 101

Once upon a time I had 4 other colours but they just disappeared I don’t know where … anyway they were in this category of “unwearable lipsticks” don’t be afraid, I wore them for artistic make-up even if the Cosmopop can be quite beautiful in summer ! If you are interested shades are :

  • My beautiful rocket : vibrant orange

Opaque Lipstick - My Beautiful Rocket

  • Styletto : black

Opaque Lipstick - Styletto

  • D’Lilac : lavender

Opaque Lipstick - D'Lilac

  • Cosmopop : let’s say it’s a pastel peach

Opaque Lipstick - Cosmopop

Lime Crime is just not lip stuff you can find liners, one eye primer, pigments and nails polish. For lips they are two other products : the Velvetines and the Carousel Gloss. You wont find more opposite products, I mean Velvetines are truly matte and Carousel Gloss are deeply shiny.

To resume, I know some of you are really concerned by healthy cosmetics, Lime Crime is 100% vegan and cruelty-free so what else ?!

Opaque Lipstick $18 // Velvetines $20 // Carousel Gloss $17 // Nail Polish $8

Where to buy them
Good new is : worldwide shipping πŸ™‚ so you can purchase them on their website right here .

“Soft lip promises an eternity of kisses” – Ben Jonson

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