Revlon – ColorBurst Matte/Lacquer Balm

It’s probably not THE new product across the Atlantic, but it’s just came out in France and I absolutely fall in love with these little colored wonders : ColorBurst Matte/Lacquer Balm by Revlon ! How couldn’t mention them ? No way !
The lip jumbo as I have renamed it, is THE big trend since last year, can be found in many brands : Clinique/Chubby Stick ; Tarte/LipSurgence ; Covergirl/Lip Jumbo Gloss Balm etc …

I’m a huge fan of Revlon and its products and I should say thank you to American’s bloggers for their presentations of Revlon’s products. To show you how much I love them, when Lip Butter appeared, a few months later I had acquired almost all colours ! ” Whaaaaaaat ?! This girl is crazy !” No-I’m-not-but-you-can-call-me-beauty-addict 😉

Lip Butter maniaaa

Lip Butter maniaaa

The ColorBurst balm’s are real small colored bombs. It exploses, sparkles and dresses subtly your lips. What’s new : two different finishes, one matte and one lacquer which is almost the same that the first lip jumbos (Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable).

How could I say that … I LOVE THEM ! It’s a great finding and a true favorite ! Pigmentation is at the top, it stays on lips and doesn’t dry them. You can feel a minty side but it’s almost imperceptible and doesn’t last.

colorburst mat final

Left to the right : Striking / Unapologetic

Great surprise too, I really have the impression that Revlon has improved the quality of it’s product’s pigmentation. For the finish I will say it’s between shiny and glossy and it leaves your lips perfectly colored.

colorburst laque 2 final

Up and down : Provocative / Vivacious

Let’s continue with swatches, four shades : two mattes and two lacquers.

swatchs main final

I took this photo with natural light, no flash, and I find result is totally stunning !


Hope you enjoy this post and believe me, when you start to buy these lip jumbos you’ll never stop 😉

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Fall and its surprises …

Fall is officially going to settle down, and with it a lot of festivities ! Personally I really like this season for some simple reasons :

  • FINALLY I can wear AGAIN my sweaters ;
  • put makeup with more darker, deeper, pronounced colors ;
  • and I found my grandmother’s habits by drinking teas and infusions all the day long !

This year it seems that the trend is purple, it’s not my favorite color but I must admit a pretty intense plum on nails or a smoky tones on eyes, it can be very beautiful. I have some favorites more or less affordable. The first is for “Eye Graphic” from Sephora, which 4 nice colors for purple smoky. The second is focused on the collection Pure Chromatics City Drive, Yves Saint Laurent, the Classy one, which contains four smalls pretty colors like a beautiful champagne or a deep steel. Finally, I fell in love with two nail lacquers, one of them is the Holland Park, Nails Inc (a little pretty purple neon) and the other one is Destin, Dior (difficult to describe but let’s say is a pearly pink, swatch emergency !).

les makeupesques #1

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image automne choix 2


All the informations about the products and where you can find them :

  • Eye Graphic 4 colors palette (limited edition), Sephora – $24
  • Autumn look palette chromatics Uptown 01 (limited edition), Yves Saint Laurent – $69.30 (on )
  • Neon nail polish, Holland Park, Nails Inc – $9.50
  • Nail lacquer, Destin 383, Dior – $24
  • Colorburst Lip Butter, Raspberry Pie, Revlon – $5.84 (Target)
  • Colorburst Lip Butter, Red Velvet, Revlon – $6.49 (Target)
  • Colorburst Lip Butter, Lollipop, Revlon – $6.49 (Target)
  • Aqua Rouge, 10 Raspberry, Make up for ever – $24
  • Aqua Lip, 10C Deep berry plum, Make up for ever – $19
  • Aqua Lip, 8C True red, Make up for ever – $19
  • Jumbo eye pencil, Iced Mocha, NYX – $4.49 (Target)
  • Jumbo crayon yeux de biche, My little beauty (sorry they don’t have international delivery)
  • Extra dimension, Smoky mauve, M.A.C – $21
  • Blush pastel joue rose ambre 74, Bourjois – £7.99 (on only for England)
  • Somy eyes trio eyeshadow, rose vintage, Bourjois – £7.99 (on only for England)