It’s all about red – Rihanna and Viva Glam

All is in the title ! The love between Rihanna and Mac Cosmetics is not over, this time it’s for the famous collection : Viva Glam. When you purchase one product from Viva Glam’s collection, every cent goes for helping people affected by AIDS. I really like when a brand get involve in a cause and I never hesitate to buy one of these products.

Red lipstick is like the little black dress, a must have in our makeup bags. Red is a color that has always elate the generosity of feminine lips. I must confess that I possess a myriad of red lipsticks but it’s like nude palette I can’t stop myself to purchase them and finally all my reds are looking different.

In theory the Rihanna’s red for Viva Glam is the same as the Riri Woo : blue-red magically whitening your teeth. Its finish changes because it’s a frost. I said frost ? Yes, it gives a brightening, iridescent finish.
I find it’s an intriguing and interesting red lipstick because this red changes in accordance with light. It has cold tone but in the same time when exposed to light warm tone appears. Resultats are simply stunning and I like it !


  • When you open the black package you discover a velvet touch red packaging and the Rihanna’s signature on it.
  • Don’t expect too much for application, it stays a red : makeup artists say it, repeat it, hammer home it, red lips are truly difficult even for them ! However don’t be afraid, pigmentation is great, its creamy side perfectly glides along lips.
  • This strawberry/raspberry red gives shining colour which can suit to every skin tones and perfectly match with a lot of makeups.

ràl fermé copie

open lipstick

swatch main lumière copie

photo 3 copie

photo 4 copie

Definitively HOT ! I like the Viva Glam as much as I dislike the Riri Woo ! It makes me crazy ! It deserves a place in our makeup bag and I have one word : go for it, you won’t regret your purchase.

Price : US 16$ on Mac .

“She had lips, similar to cherries, so tasty we had a desire to taste it.” Oscar Wilde – Teleny, or the reverse of the medal – 1893.

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Riri WHAT ? Riri Woo !

You guessed it, I’ll talk about the FAMOUS Riri Woo ! No more presentation is necessary, sort of Holy Grail for the beauty addicts, born from the collaboration between Rihanna and M.A.C. In France and abroad I guess, it came out several times (two or three times) and I missed each times on their website (yes-I’m-too-lazy-to-move-my-ass-from-the-couch-to-go-to-shop). But this time : I GOT IT (the only thing from the fall collection still available) ! And I’m not so unhappy to have missed the previous times for the simple reason that this new collection is dressed in a beautiful packaging and I like it !

About the lipstick we often hear that it is the same as the Ruby Woo, I don’t have it, so notice to holders to tell us whether or not they are similar. For the finish, it’s a retro matte – what the heck is that ? – to be short don’t expect to have on your lips something glossy, it’s really really really matte like matte (I think you get the idea). In itself, this is a beautiful dramatic red with cold undertones (your teeth will appear more wither), dress your lips divinely. As a red, masters its application is difficult, I recommend you to make the outline of your lips with a red lips pencil before and then carefully fill.

Despite what I said above, I don’t think it’s THE ultimate red, yes it is beautiful, its rendering too, but it isn’t a must-have (for me). If you don’t have a pretty red, just go buy it otherwise you can let it go (except for the packaging). Last point, I agree with people who say its application sounds like hell ! I don’t have other retro matte but this thing pulls my lips, next time I’ll try to apply it with a brush.

In conclusion, I’m happy to have such a gorgeous packaging in my beauty bag but it is not worth much as a red lipstick 😉

Price : US$16.50

Where to find it : haphazardly in a M.A.C. store 😉