Sweet spring with Marc Jacobs

Spring is almost here I can even smell it and we have a new brand in France … Marc Jacobs Beauty FINALLY. This is why I hate living in France, launches are always too late for me but thank’s God they always end up coming 🙂

packaging fermé ral et fdt copie

It’s been months since I expect the output of this brand in France, the Americans made ​​me dream with their videos, articles and swatchs about this brand. As a compulsive buyer I bought two products : one lipstick and one foundation. Those are my two favorite categories when I want to test a new brand plus foundation is THE test ! I know it’s really hard to have the famous perfect complexion but sometimes with right products we can have quite a miracle on our face.

Today I want to introduce you the lipstick – Lovemarc Lip Gel because I completely fell in love with it. Between us I’m not particulary a huge fan of luxury lipstick, it doesn’t mean I don’t have ! I’m just asking : moisturizing (ok I’m weak and there is an exception : retro matte from Mac but they are so gorgeouuuuuus) ; pigmentation and the rest is just a matter of loving colours. To be short I don’t care they stamped Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oréal or ELF.
Let’s go focus on the lipstick. The two most important criteria are fully filled but it is so perfect because is the perfect nude for my lips !!!
Before go purchase it, I watched over a hundred videos, articles and swatch on Internet, let’s be honnest it is quite difficult to chose without having product right under your eyes and I don’t even mention “swatches” on Sephora website … So I decided to pick Role Play. Understudy was pleased me too and I really think it could be great on my lips, but I don’t know I just chose Role Play.

Let’s go back to the pigmentation, is quite something and if it is in your “nude tones”, trust me it will be perfect on your lips !
Application is so easy, your lipstick just slip on your lips like on ice and moisturizing so comfy.
Its gellified formula makes all the difference unlike a “classic lipstick” it is so creamy and enriched with monoi butter. I said YES. The shine finish is perfectly balanced, not too glossy not too matte.
My only regret is about its lasting, it said : long-wearing, but honestly I don’t find it. For me it is just like a classic lipstick but doesn’t matter because packaging is so classy and I like it out of my bag 😉
Packaging ?! Perfect, I mean it reflects Marc Jacobs’s image to perfection : sobriety, fancy, discrete.

Definitively HOT ! You can go for them, you won’t be wrong ’cause they are perfection 🙂 The price is expensive but it worth every dollars. So yes I’m completely in love and I hope my collection will grow !

Please forgive me about my swatches, light, exposure etc … were so bad, they don’t highlight the reality !

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