Revlon – ColorBurst Matte/Lacquer Balm

It’s probably not THE new product across the Atlantic, but it’s just came out in France and I absolutely fall in love with these little colored wonders : ColorBurst Matte/Lacquer Balm by Revlon ! How couldn’t mention them ? No way !
The lip jumbo as I have renamed it, is THE big trend since last year, can be found in many brands : Clinique/Chubby Stick ; Tarte/LipSurgence ; Covergirl/Lip Jumbo Gloss Balm etc …

I’m a huge fan of Revlon and its products and I should say thank you to American’s bloggers for their presentations of Revlon’s products. To show you how much I love them, when Lip Butter appeared, a few months later I had acquired almost all colours ! ” Whaaaaaaat ?! This girl is crazy !” No-I’m-not-but-you-can-call-me-beauty-addict 😉

Lip Butter maniaaa

Lip Butter maniaaa

The ColorBurst balm’s are real small colored bombs. It exploses, sparkles and dresses subtly your lips. What’s new : two different finishes, one matte and one lacquer which is almost the same that the first lip jumbos (Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable).

How could I say that … I LOVE THEM ! It’s a great finding and a true favorite ! Pigmentation is at the top, it stays on lips and doesn’t dry them. You can feel a minty side but it’s almost imperceptible and doesn’t last.

colorburst mat final

Left to the right : Striking / Unapologetic

Great surprise too, I really have the impression that Revlon has improved the quality of it’s product’s pigmentation. For the finish I will say it’s between shiny and glossy and it leaves your lips perfectly colored.

colorburst laque 2 final

Up and down : Provocative / Vivacious

Let’s continue with swatches, four shades : two mattes and two lacquers.

swatchs main final

I took this photo with natural light, no flash, and I find result is totally stunning !


Hope you enjoy this post and believe me, when you start to buy these lip jumbos you’ll never stop 😉

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