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Some fresh air with Clean Perfume

Sometimes it feels good to smell fresh, like fresh air, clean, after a shower … Clearly I’m a huge addict to vanilla-sugar fragrances but I need to rest my nose and go back to some natural perfumes. It’s been awhile I heard about Clean brand. My mind and my nose were intrigued, at first glance this kind of smell didn’t supposed to be my favorite. Never say never (why Bieber named his film like that …) ! So I decided to try the adventure, and I purchased a rollerball set of some Clean’s fragrances to have a right idea before purchase a full size (’cause we can’t find them in France).

What a fresh air ! It might be surprising but definitively a great surprise ! I didn’t like all the fragrances, but some of them are really pleasant and so relaxing when your wear them. I get five in my set :
– Warm Cotton
– Fresh Laundry
– Shower Fresh
– Skin
– Rain

I fall in love with Skin, I will not even try to describe it, will be a mess and I’m not good at it, but it’s so sweet, cocooning, soothing, you smell good and people around you can notice it. I highly recommend to try them, this bed-comfort sensation is unique.

Let me know what you think of Clean and if you’ve ever tried 🙂

clean perfume

“You are never fully dressed without perfume !” – C. JoyBell C.

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