Unicorn’s land with Lime Crime

Clearly this month is under the sign of nostalgia and when I get nostalgic I like to return to my faves ! I don’t know you but I love to rediscover some fabulous products which were standing right under my eyes ! So today it’s about Lime Crime and my mini collection of Opaque Lipsticks. I was watching a Nicole’s Guerriero video and I saw her swatched her Opaque Lipstick and I was like “OMG they’re fabulous were are mine ?!”
To resume if you like hard pigmentation, great opacity, the smell of Mac’s lipsticks and the packagings too cuuuuuuuuuuuute – I mean look this lovely purple packaging – you will fall in love with this brand !


  •  Opacity + pigmentation are great qualities for a lipstick but it can be a bit frightening when you want to put them. I’ll be honest with you it’s easy to mess with some colours.
  • Application : so yes being careful is important but lipsticks are so creamy and and slide uniformly.
  • Lasting : is great, very great ! Long lasting and the lipstick doesn’t mess on your lips hours after hours, love that !


Definitively HOT 🙂 I’m so excited to have them back, I know this kind of lipsticks are not for everyone, if you take a look at the Lime Crime website, you’ll see a lot of colours and most of them are “unwearable”, they are more for artistic make-up ! So if you like nude/neutral colours just go away you wont find your happiness !
Let me present you my 4 babies :

  • Geradium which is not totally “Barbie pink” but not a baby pink let’s say it’s gonna be gorgeous on tanned girl 🙂

Opaque Lipstick - Geradium

  • Centrifuschia : probably my favorite colour and as its name says it’s a fuschia.

Opaque Lipstick - Centrifuschia

  • Retrofuturist a great red

Lime Crime - Retrofuturist

  • Glamour 101 which is a dark red.

Lime Crime - Glamour 101

Once upon a time I had 4 other colours but they just disappeared I don’t know where … anyway they were in this category of “unwearable lipsticks” don’t be afraid, I wore them for artistic make-up even if the Cosmopop can be quite beautiful in summer ! If you are interested shades are :

  • My beautiful rocket : vibrant orange

Opaque Lipstick - My Beautiful Rocket

  • Styletto : black

Opaque Lipstick - Styletto

  • D’Lilac : lavender

Opaque Lipstick - D'Lilac

  • Cosmopop : let’s say it’s a pastel peach

Opaque Lipstick - Cosmopop

Lime Crime is just not lip stuff you can find liners, one eye primer, pigments and nails polish. For lips they are two other products : the Velvetines and the Carousel Gloss. You wont find more opposite products, I mean Velvetines are truly matte and Carousel Gloss are deeply shiny.

To resume, I know some of you are really concerned by healthy cosmetics, Lime Crime is 100% vegan and cruelty-free so what else ?!

Opaque Lipstick $18 // Velvetines $20 // Carousel Gloss $17 // Nail Polish $8

Where to buy them
Good new is : worldwide shipping 🙂 so you can purchase them on their website right here .

“Soft lip promises an eternity of kisses” – Ben Jonson

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It’s all about red – Rihanna and Viva Glam

All is in the title ! The love between Rihanna and Mac Cosmetics is not over, this time it’s for the famous collection : Viva Glam. When you purchase one product from Viva Glam’s collection, every cent goes for helping people affected by AIDS. I really like when a brand get involve in a cause and I never hesitate to buy one of these products.

Red lipstick is like the little black dress, a must have in our makeup bags. Red is a color that has always elate the generosity of feminine lips. I must confess that I possess a myriad of red lipsticks but it’s like nude palette I can’t stop myself to purchase them and finally all my reds are looking different.

In theory the Rihanna’s red for Viva Glam is the same as the Riri Woo : blue-red magically whitening your teeth. Its finish changes because it’s a frost. I said frost ? Yes, it gives a brightening, iridescent finish.
I find it’s an intriguing and interesting red lipstick because this red changes in accordance with light. It has cold tone but in the same time when exposed to light warm tone appears. Resultats are simply stunning and I like it !


  • When you open the black package you discover a velvet touch red packaging and the Rihanna’s signature on it.
  • Don’t expect too much for application, it stays a red : makeup artists say it, repeat it, hammer home it, red lips are truly difficult even for them ! However don’t be afraid, pigmentation is great, its creamy side perfectly glides along lips.
  • This strawberry/raspberry red gives shining colour which can suit to every skin tones and perfectly match with a lot of makeups.

ràl fermé copie

open lipstick

swatch main lumière copie

photo 3 copie

photo 4 copie

Definitively HOT ! I like the Viva Glam as much as I dislike the Riri Woo ! It makes me crazy ! It deserves a place in our makeup bag and I have one word : go for it, you won’t regret your purchase.

Price : US 16$ on Mac .

“She had lips, similar to cherries, so tasty we had a desire to taste it.” Oscar Wilde – Teleny, or the reverse of the medal – 1893.

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Sweet spring with Marc Jacobs

Spring is almost here I can even smell it and we have a new brand in France … Marc Jacobs Beauty FINALLY. This is why I hate living in France, launches are always too late for me but thank’s God they always end up coming 🙂

packaging fermé ral et fdt copie

It’s been months since I expect the output of this brand in France, the Americans made ​​me dream with their videos, articles and swatchs about this brand. As a compulsive buyer I bought two products : one lipstick and one foundation. Those are my two favorite categories when I want to test a new brand plus foundation is THE test ! I know it’s really hard to have the famous perfect complexion but sometimes with right products we can have quite a miracle on our face.

Today I want to introduce you the lipstick – Lovemarc Lip Gel because I completely fell in love with it. Between us I’m not particulary a huge fan of luxury lipstick, it doesn’t mean I don’t have ! I’m just asking : moisturizing (ok I’m weak and there is an exception : retro matte from Mac but they are so gorgeouuuuuus) ; pigmentation and the rest is just a matter of loving colours. To be short I don’t care they stamped Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oréal or ELF.
Let’s go focus on the lipstick. The two most important criteria are fully filled but it is so perfect because is the perfect nude for my lips !!!
Before go purchase it, I watched over a hundred videos, articles and swatch on Internet, let’s be honnest it is quite difficult to chose without having product right under your eyes and I don’t even mention “swatches” on Sephora website … So I decided to pick Role Play. Understudy was pleased me too and I really think it could be great on my lips, but I don’t know I just chose Role Play.

Let’s go back to the pigmentation, is quite something and if it is in your “nude tones”, trust me it will be perfect on your lips !
Application is so easy, your lipstick just slip on your lips like on ice and moisturizing so comfy.
Its gellified formula makes all the difference unlike a “classic lipstick” it is so creamy and enriched with monoi butter. I said YES. The shine finish is perfectly balanced, not too glossy not too matte.
My only regret is about its lasting, it said : long-wearing, but honestly I don’t find it. For me it is just like a classic lipstick but doesn’t matter because packaging is so classy and I like it out of my bag 😉
Packaging ?! Perfect, I mean it reflects Marc Jacobs’s image to perfection : sobriety, fancy, discrete.

Definitively HOT ! You can go for them, you won’t be wrong ’cause they are perfection 🙂 The price is expensive but it worth every dollars. So yes I’m completely in love and I hope my collection will grow !

Please forgive me about my swatches, light, exposure etc … were so bad, they don’t highlight the reality !

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The Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette – Nars

palette face


Haaaaaaa !!!! Finally !!!!! Am I crazy ? Yes I am ! Let me introduce you this wonder, my love, object of desire, of my passions … hum let’s go back to make-up style !

After a long wait I get my hands on this palette : the famous Narsissist Palette by Nars. This intuation for a simple palette might be strange for some of you but it’s quite an event ! I mean Nars doesn’t launch palettes everyday and when it does there are not so many eyeshadows (15).

The palette
Narsissist is a collection that brings together all the iconic colours of the brand. It’s just the beginning because the collection will expand with other products.
Let’s start : there are 15 eyeshadows BUT all hues are very “classic”, neutral, nudes. This is why it becomes very interesting to own it : we have a wide range of colours, possibilities are endless as you are beginners or confirmed. Nars’ packaging is always the same, gets dirty very quickly but it doesn’t matter because the eyeshadow’s quality is GREAT and so easy to blend !

palette ouverte face

zoom fards avec noms

Purchase it or not ?

– you don’t have nude’s palette ;
– you’re looking for quality ;
– you have the budget, $79 ;
– there are warm and cold tones ;
– wide range of colours.

– it can be seen as just another palette ;
– you already have nude’s palette ;
– you don’t have the money

I really think it’s a story about collection and love for make-up, I mean I didn’t need it but I still bought it because I like Nars and what they do. And between us 15 eyeshadows in one palette for this price, it’s a good deal !
For the story, the rarity of this palette begins to inflame passions in France, it’s quite something as a marketing’s argument but it works pretty well ! I think it’s always interesting to see how a brand can create a need.

I hope this post will help you and don’t hesitate to share on it 🙂 let’s finish with swatch and I’m so sorry for the photo’s quality 😦


“Narsissist : the person who lives according to its rules without fear of expressing themselves in every look, mood or attitude, with an original style and makeup ideas endless.”

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Revlon – ColorBurst Matte/Lacquer Balm

It’s probably not THE new product across the Atlantic, but it’s just came out in France and I absolutely fall in love with these little colored wonders : ColorBurst Matte/Lacquer Balm by Revlon ! How couldn’t mention them ? No way !
The lip jumbo as I have renamed it, is THE big trend since last year, can be found in many brands : Clinique/Chubby Stick ; Tarte/LipSurgence ; Covergirl/Lip Jumbo Gloss Balm etc …

I’m a huge fan of Revlon and its products and I should say thank you to American’s bloggers for their presentations of Revlon’s products. To show you how much I love them, when Lip Butter appeared, a few months later I had acquired almost all colours ! ” Whaaaaaaat ?! This girl is crazy !” No-I’m-not-but-you-can-call-me-beauty-addict 😉

Lip Butter maniaaa

Lip Butter maniaaa

The ColorBurst balm’s are real small colored bombs. It exploses, sparkles and dresses subtly your lips. What’s new : two different finishes, one matte and one lacquer which is almost the same that the first lip jumbos (Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable).

How could I say that … I LOVE THEM ! It’s a great finding and a true favorite ! Pigmentation is at the top, it stays on lips and doesn’t dry them. You can feel a minty side but it’s almost imperceptible and doesn’t last.

colorburst mat final

Left to the right : Striking / Unapologetic

Great surprise too, I really have the impression that Revlon has improved the quality of it’s product’s pigmentation. For the finish I will say it’s between shiny and glossy and it leaves your lips perfectly colored.

colorburst laque 2 final

Up and down : Provocative / Vivacious

Let’s continue with swatches, four shades : two mattes and two lacquers.

swatchs main final

I took this photo with natural light, no flash, and I find result is totally stunning !


Hope you enjoy this post and believe me, when you start to buy these lip jumbos you’ll never stop 😉

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NEW Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

photo 1

But what is it hiding behind this packet ? TADA It’s the new Full Exposure Palette by Smashbox ! My new baby from my palettes, remember my motto : we’ll never had enough palettes nudes in our bathroom 😉 You can get this little sweet thing on Sephora or on Smashbox for $49.


At first glance I can’t stop thinking about Pro Palette by Lorac, because of the packaging, it has two lines : shimmer’s and matte’s and of course it’s nude’s tones ! If you want to be really specific we can’t say it’s a perfect dupe because the Full Exposure has only 14 eyeshadows unlike Lorac which has 16. But great surprise we have one double ended brush 🙂

photo 4

I must to admit that the Pro Palette has inflamed beautista’s passions and I missed the shot ! I don’t lose hope to lay one’s hands on it, perseverance always pays off …!

Anyway let’s go back to the point, I really can’t wait to try this beauty plus I heard only good things about Smashbox’s eyeshadows and I have already a good opinion about some products (Photofinish foundation primers). Another good point is samples, I get 3 : Full Exposure and Photo Op Eye Brightening mascaras and Photofinish foundation primer (the classic one and I like it !). Let’s start watching the swatches 😉

photo 6

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Trianon – Dior Spring Collection 2014


And … here we are ! Trianon Collection by Dior, my last article about spring collections. A swirl of pop and pastel colours, painting a Versaillais canvas, inspired by Marie-Antoinette and her Petit Trianon.

Nails : For me Dior nail polish are like YSL because colours are really surprising and I must admit that I have a facility to buy these little wonders.For our little nails we can find one pearly rose – Perlé, blue pastel – Porcelaine, peach-apricot – Bouquet and one intense fuchsia – Bloom.

Perlé - Porcelaine - Bouquet - Bloom

Perlé – Porcelaine – Bouquet – Bloom

Face : two blush are waiting for us, one bright coral – Corail Bagatelle and one surprising old powdery rose-violet – Pink Rêverie. In this category I’ll add the eye/face palette Trianon. 3 eyeshadows, one eyeliner and one gentle blush. The packaging is precious like a delicate jewellery.

Trianon Palette - Corail Bagatelle - Pink Rêverie

Trianon Palette – Corail Bagatelle – Pink Rêverie

Eyes : Let’s start with the Diorshow mono fusion but with a matte finish ! 4 new shades, entirely matte : Nocturne, Céleste, Songe and Mirage, which are respectively : one black-grey, mauve pastel, peach natural and one sweet taupe.
Continue with the two eye palettes (5 eyeshadows), one is Pastel Fontanges (neutral and pop colours) and the other one is Pink Pompadour (rose tones).
To finish we have the Diorshow mono, Opaline and Angélique, one sumptuous green pastel and one intense mauve.

Diorshow mono fusion matte : Nocturne - Céleste - Songe - Mirage Diorshow mono : Opaline - Angélique Eye palettes : Pastel Fontanges - Pink Pompadour

Diorshow mono fusion matte : Nocturne – Céleste – Songe – Mirage
Diorshow mono : Opaline – Angélique
Eye palettes : Pastel Fontanges – Pink Pompadour

Lips : It’s not less than 9 products including 4 lipsticks, 4 gloss and one Lip Glow.
Rouge Dior : 4 hued that are to be honest “du déjà-vu” but we still want tu buy them if we don’t already possess them. Rose Crinoline – coral peach ; Souveraine – intense red rose ; Courtisane – baby pink and Allégresse – fuchsia.
For gloss we can find Mousseline – champagne ; Minauderie – pearly rose ; Pétillante – nude glitter ; Exquise – fuchsia.
To finish Dior launches a new Lip Glow in Coral.

Rouge Dior : Rose Crinoline - Souveraine - Courtisane - Allégresse Gloss : Mousseline - Minauderie - Pétillante - Exquise

Rouge Dior : Rose Crinoline – Souveraine – Courtisane – Allégresse
Gloss : Mousseline – Minauderie – Pétillante – Exquise

Finally we can find two new faces bases : Pore Minimizer and Glow Maximizer. The first one is to blur pores and matify your skin. The second one brings some shine and luminosity to the skin.

photo (1)

So now we have officially done with the presentations 🙂 I know I didn’t mention all the brands, but we have a good overview of what await us. Generally we can say colours are almost the same and then it’s a question of packagings 😉

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What happens in the Spring – Collections part.2 final

Let’s see the rest of collections and between us it’s heavy stuff !!!!!!

photo 3Burberry – English Rose
Discover English Rose is to discover two collections in one because on the one side we have Rose and on the other one : Sage Green. We can find six nails polish with various colours. And two quatuors eyeshadows : Rose No.10 and Sage Green No.15 (green and taupe shades).

photo 5

spicy collection ysl

Yves Saint Laurent – Flower Crush and Spicy Collection
Flower Crush or how to completely fall in love at the first sight ! I think this one is my favorite. Let’s start with a sumptuous eyes palette, 5 shades, and a gorgeous pink-gold blush with feather design. Among lipsticks, 4 new shades flirting with rose, coral, orange shades. To finish with Laque Couture : Rose Scabiosa and Rouge Pablo.
In the same time (and maybe it’s already available) YSL launches a whole new nail’s collection : Spicy Collection. 6 new colours (5 nails polish and 1 top coat), honestly I find them very stunning and unexpected, I rarely seen this before in other brands. I’m so so so so so weak when we talk about Laque Couture, YSL is a creative genius !

photo 4Bobbi Brown – Nude Glow
Bobbi or the Nude Glow, the brand love this philosophy and it’s not the exception at the rule ! Packagings are amazing, as time passes and more Bobbi Brown reaches the top. First we got Brightening finishing powder, 3 shades : Brighten Finish, Bronze Glow and Porcelain Pearl. Then 3 eyes  palettes : Nude, Crystal and Bronze. To finish 3 nails polish : Bronze, Pale and Ballet Pink.

photo (1)

photo 2

Paul & Joe – My secret garden
Dreamer’s brand take us to My secret garden. I find it’s the only brand offers us very unusual packaging. Paul and Joe and its originality give us one face powder (very very very similar to Météorites by Guerlain). 8 shades for eye palettes (trio), 3 colours for lipsticks same for blush. As you know or maybe not, lovely cases will be available on sale to put your lipsticks or eyeshadow trio.

And voila it’s almost over because one brand stays : Dior ! I really want to write one entire article for Dior as Chanel, because all products deserve to be mentioned ! So stay tuned 😉

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What happens in the Spring – Collections part.1

After Chanel’s collection it’s time to see what is going on for spring. To avoid writing an article that looks like a 1000 page novel I’ll write it in two-part.

photo 1Dolce and Gabbana
Let’s start with Brow Liner, a newborn which is as the name suggests a brow pencil. For me it looks like the Eye Brows from M.A.C. and there will be 4 colours. Good news it’s double endend with a lash brush.
Next one is a pressed powder for a natural looking finish. It helps to set the foundation, reduce shine, fragrance-free. 6 shades available.

photo 2Guerlain – Météorites Blossom
What a poetic name for an enchantress collection ! Among the new features we can mention the Météorites Bubble, described as a cream blush with a satin finish. Two colours : fuchsia and rose macaron.
Spring is synonymous with eyebrows this year because Guerlain introduce us its own solution for our brows : a treasure with 3 coulours and 1 highlighter, work for every tones of brows.

photo (1)Lancôme – French Ballerine
We let ourselves out in the world of classical dance with this collection. Between two arabesques, we discover Ombre Hypnôse Dazzling Shadow (similar to Illusion d’ombre by Chanel), two shades : Topaze Doré and Spinelle Rose.
The leap bring us to Rose Ballerine, lovely blush and one palette contains some pretty nudes hued. To finish, let your nails wear a sweet pink or a taupe satin, without forgetting to apply the colorboost base.

all products givenchyGivenchy – Over Rose
I think the name sums up the whole collection, Givenchy dresses us pink from head to toe ! Star product : the Prismissime in Euphoric Pink is 9 shades destined to our cheeks and lips. The rest is a fashionshow of rose, Rouge Interdit in Rose Sensation, nail polish in Rose Addiction, Prism eyeshadows in Rose Attraction and even the famous Noir Couture mascara perks itself in pink with some strange taupe glints (I think it’s totally weird ! ).

I hope you enjoy and I see you quickly for the next and final part 🙂 tell me what you want, prefer in comments.

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Chanel Collection Spring 2014 – Notes de printemps

Bye bye Christmas, winter, cold wind and say hello to spring 🙂 Actually we can’t say totally goodbye to winter but our eyes can dream with all the new spring collections ! Today I would like to introduce you : Notes de printemps by Chanel which is such a pleasure for the eyes ! It’s not less than 18 new colors, sprinkled throughout the products of Chanel. For more simplicity I separated them in 4 categories : nails, face, eyes and lips.

Nails : These are two new shades that will certainly create some “must have” or “absolutely want” with the makeupalcoholic ! Charivari and Tapage : the first is a gorgeous plum and the second is an intense red (strawberry).

Face : Chanel offers us two beautiful cream blush with satin finish, and the colors have such power to make us smile : Chamade and Intonation. Chamade reminds me of Sweet Dot (blush Instain by TheBalm) and Intonation will “apricot” nicely our cheeks. To finish, there is a new shade for the Poudre universelle compacte (natural finish pressed powder) : Préface. It’s quite bit a different color from the others, because this one is more pink tone compared to the existing one which is more yellow/beige.

Eyes : Chanel, as usual, has the habit to create some unforgettable or very desirable color, and this time is not an exception : Quadrille. It’s a quadra eyeshadow composed of a lavender grey, golden ivory, rosy apricot and brown chocolate. As I say all the time : we never had enough nudes in our beauty bag 😉
We also can discover two new colors for the Illusion d’ombre : Diapason and Impulsion. Diapason is very similar to Illusoire with warmer glints. Impulsion is a cute baby pink.
And the last product for the eyes is an eyeshadow duo, Rose Majeur, neutral pink and sort of a dark black/violet with some gold glints.

Lips : this is the category with the largest number of products, 9 to be precise. Let’s start with Sonic Pink, precision lip definer, the name is quite evocative take a look a the photo. Then, there are two gloss : Sonate and Murmure, a raspberry red and a nude pink.
Rouge Allure : Mélodieuse, apricot red and Fougueuse is a fushia pink.
Rouge Allure Velvet (matte finish), La Diva is a baby pink and L’Adorée which is not completely a parma, it can appears strangely on photos but go take a look on swatch. I find it definitively pretty and wearable.
Rouge Coco : Dédicace is a natural pink and Triomphe a sort of sweet apricot (yes apricot again !!!).
US can shop the collection right here 🙂


I hope you will enjoy this article, I recommend you go to Temptalia to have a clear idea of what colors can look. See you soon for more articles about other spring collections 🙂

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