The Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette – Nars

palette face


Haaaaaaa !!!! Finally !!!!! Am I crazy ? Yes I am ! Let me introduce you this wonder, my love, object of desire, of my passions … hum let’s go back to make-up style !

After a long wait I get my hands on this palette : the famous Narsissist Palette by Nars. This intuation for a simple palette might be strange for some of you but it’s quite an event ! I mean Nars doesn’t launch palettes everyday and when it does there are not so many eyeshadows (15).

The palette
Narsissist is a collection that brings together all the iconic colours of the brand. It’s just the beginning because the collection will expand with other products.
Let’s start : there are 15 eyeshadows BUT all hues are very “classic”, neutral, nudes. This is why it becomes very interesting to own it : we have a wide range of colours, possibilities are endless as you are beginners or confirmed. Nars’ packaging is always the same, gets dirty very quickly but it doesn’t matter because the eyeshadow’s quality is GREAT and so easy to blend !

palette ouverte face

zoom fards avec noms

Purchase it or not ?

– you don’t have nude’s palette ;
– you’re looking for quality ;
– you have the budget, $79 ;
– there are warm and cold tones ;
– wide range of colours.

– it can be seen as just another palette ;
– you already have nude’s palette ;
– you don’t have the money

I really think it’s a story about collection and love for make-up, I mean I didn’t need it but I still bought it because I like Nars and what they do. And between us 15 eyeshadows in one palette for this price, it’s a good deal !
For the story, the rarity of this palette begins to inflame passions in France, it’s quite something as a marketing’s argument but it works pretty well ! I think it’s always interesting to see how a brand can create a need.

I hope this post will help you and don’t hesitate to share on it 🙂 let’s finish with swatch and I’m so sorry for the photo’s quality 😦


“Narsissist : the person who lives according to its rules without fear of expressing themselves in every look, mood or attitude, with an original style and makeup ideas endless.”

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