Happy Blue Day by Ninoo – It’s time for pompom !

Designed by  Marine Fleury

Designed by Marine Fleury

Today I wanted to share something different on this blog. I want to talk to you about a cause, a very good cause : autism. The Happy Blue Day by Ninoo, maybe, surely you’re not living in France or traveling to France those days, but I know you can make a significant gesture if you want it of cours’.

Ninoo – what is it ?
Let’s start with the beginning. Ninoo is an association created by Pascale Comte. It’s for autistic children, there is nothing medical or therapeutic it’s really to bring fun to kids through discovery, musical, painting, baking workshops. Nothing is more beautiful than a smiling child and this is even more true and intense for parents of autistic children πŸ™‚

The Happy Blue Day by Ninoo
This none other than an event to be held April 2. Why April 2 ? Because it’s World Autism Awareness Day, and this year the blue will be THE colour. Ninoo’s association has launched a project to create one big artwork in blue entirely composed of pompoms ! This artwork will be displayed in an emblematic place of Paris πŸ™‚ so if you want to participate it’s really simple : make blue pompoms and send them to the association πŸ™‚ They’ve already received some blue pompomps direct from Texas !
And if you think this is extremely hard you are totally wrong it’s very easy to make pompoms, YouTube’s gonna be your best friend πŸ˜‰

Designed by Ninoo

Designed by Ninoo

I don’t have autistic child even in my family but I know how a disease can be difficult to live and sometimes the medical staff are not very helpful. If I can give my time and do something useful I just do it, in this case it’s just me making blue pompoms at night πŸ™‚

Useful informations
Website of the association is right here
Event’s Facebook page here and here
Facebook page : Facebook
And Twitter

Finally where to send pompoms :
Association Ninoo
10 rue Alexandre Guilmant
92190 MEUDON – France




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