Super Bowl and beauty ?

Okay, clearly this article is almost totally miles away from beauty BUT I don’t care because I just like to write about things I like, enjoy, appreciate and share my desires, fav’s 🙂 so yes tonight is about Superbowl like millions people on Earth. Yes we can be French and know Super Bowl, watch and enjoy it !

Some things I like when I watch the Super Bowl 

1 – Having a ton of cookies !!! It’s bad for weight but clearly I can’t spend four hours watching the Superbowl without my dozens of cookies 😉
2 – Texting with friends who also watch ! Why ? Because there is always that moment when you have the misfortune to raise your head 1 minute of the screen and it goes something important …
3 – I’m weird but if I’m alone I like to do things that take time and are exasperating issue beauty : manicure, epilation so glamorous or my hair color, each to his own 😉
4 – Another weird thing : I like to follow Super Bowl’s online sportive bets.
5 – And this year I would like to add : write articles on my blogs and post nonsense photos on Instagram 😉

Wish you a good evening beauties and GO BRONCOS (sorry for the opposite team 😉 )



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