Quite a great surprise : Alpha H – Liquid Gold


Read carefully before continue 😉 :  more seriously if you like green, nature, healthy products don’t read this article for the simple reason it’s gonna talk about a product with glycolic acid.

Two years ago I discovered Liquid Gold on a blog, and I was quite seduced  but the two words : glycolic acid was scared me ! Seriously my imagination is too much productive and I was really thinking : what if my face was burned ??!! And as the saying goes only fools never change their minds, so three months ago I bought this little bottle and I don’t regret it at all !

Why ? Results are bluffing ! Yes I should take photos before/after but I just forgot (am I stupid ? yes !) but I can assure you it works, most of my friends don’t stop asking me if I made something on my skin, it looks more bright, beautiful and soft. Between you and I my skin is more like : oily, small wrinkles and apparent pores (so charmiiiiing), so the word “beautiful” has nothing to do here !

What the brand says : it’s their best selling (no surprise) uses low pH delivery system to diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and damage. It works like an “overnight facial” to brighten and revitalize tired, ageing skin and radically improve the appearance of the complexion (it totally does that). For mature, sun damaged, prematurely ageing and for acne-scarred skin.

My opinion : I really started to use this like a “radical treatment” on my wrinkles and pores, the truth is here : I have to recognize it works more than well, beyond my expectations ! Now, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, especially if you have sensitive and/or dehydrated skin, this product would be your worst enemy ! About application : it’s simple you apply Liquid gold onto cleansed skin before you go to bed, if you feel your skin too dehydrated you can apply before serum or moisturizer but it works better if you don’t. VERY IMPORTANT : application has to be on alternative evenings !

What I didn’t like : smell !!!!! Liquid gold is really stinking like alcohol ! Don’t laugh but every time I apply it I got the impression of being drunk (good point : it doesn’t last). To be short I love this liquid, it saved my skin BUT it will not be in my skin care’s daily routine because I prefer it like a short treatment (one or two months). If you know, have and use it, I really would like what you think, results on you etc …

Price : 100ml – $53,18

See you soon giiiiiiirls 🙂


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